I credit my mother for discovering that a cigar box of Crayolas could occupy her rambunctious child for hours. My husband, naturalist and drafted-art-critic, Dean Roosa, and I enjoy life on our riverside acreage in Iowa, where I draw inspiration from nature and the 68 years of experience in my head. I’ve been a been wife, mother, student, pickle-picker, waitress, receptionist, artist’s model, bird seed bagger,  snowmobile seat maker, printer’s helper, sales clerk, sunglasses maker,  hearing-aid assistant, reader, teacher, advisor to student athletes, editor, illustrator, proofreader, environmental consultant, antiques dealer—all grist for the mill. After studying art 50 years ago at Marycrest College and University of Iowa, I spent most of the last 40 years as a biologist-environmental consultant and antiques dealer, painting mostly in my head. The drawings for the book Nailing Together Bits of Chaos began with my sister. Reading and drawing in response to Donna’s poetry represents my first year of so-called retirement.  With Bits of Chaos I found my self returning to art in the computer age. Using the computer and another’s work as inspiration was a challenging and interesting process. Painting to me is reaching out, touching the world with my brush,  sweeping the canvas to reveal an image of my mind, being part of the painting. Having my sketches swallowed by the computer, drawing and painting with the mouse is more like working robotic hands in a sterile box. I miss the brush, the drips and splatters, the give of the canvas, but saving many versions and ‘undoing’ a string of actions is pretty addictive. Now, having picked up my art work and writing after so many years, where it will go, who knows. I hope to continue to create in both the real and virtual worlds. 

​carol jacobs