Our Loon Dance

               A solitary loon

            drifts low in the water,

            dives for food,

            rises to the surface,

            then lifts herself from the lake

            to the tip of  her tail,

            face demurely turned,

            wings fluttering,

            a geisha's coy dance.

            As dusk closes its bleary eye,

            the loon's plaintive wail

            plunges into our aloneness,

            taunts that self

            we mask all day

            with beguiling manipulations

            of our fans.

Seeking the Surprise

        My pencil touches paper,

        making loops of silky silver spit,

        coiling cocoons, awaiting

        a burst of wings.

inscription, if you like.

Nailing Together Bits of Chaos; Jerry-Rigging a Life is a selection of 47 poems from a life-time of writing. The author, my sister, Donna Brua, brings together a group of poems, some serious, some whimsical, reflecting on life's different lights and shadows. I've included below a few of my favorites, along with the drawings that accompany them. The book--hardback with dust jacket,  144 pages with 73, mostly full-page, drawings--is available, inscribed as you choose, from Donna or me for $20.00 plus postage. Reading each poem many times in the process of creating the drawings, I enjoyed them more each time.